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NBA 2K Reveal 3PT Shooters Rating: Stephen Curry Is The King With 99, Klay Thompson And Kevin Durant Have 88

NBA 2K Reveal 3PT Shooters Rating: Stephen Curry Is The King With 99, Klay Thompson And Kevin Durant Have 88

NBA 2K is hotly anticipated by fans each season; the game comes out every year with new and updated versions for hoop heads to enjoy. Not only are the graphics and each player's signature moves updated, but the most exciting part is often the reveal for the ratings players receive. The players that performed well in the previous season get bumped up, while those that have slightly disappointing campaigns lose rating points. 

While this is not the biggest marker of a player's prowess, they nonetheless have an eye on how they have been rated each season. It's not just the overall rating that counts, there are categories like shooting, passing, speed, and agility that get taken into account. And the overall rating is generally representative of how players have been assessed in terms of these individual basketball skills. 

2K recently revealed their ratings for their newest upcoming release, NBA 2K23, and it has caused quite a bit of buzz on social media. Categories like shooting and dunking have a Top 5, with the players that have dazzled the most getting some peak scores. And the incoming rookies have also received their ratings, with the top picks in the draft all among the highest rated. 

NBA 2K Reveals Top Shooters: Steph Curry Leads The Way With Klay Thompson And Kevin Durant Among The Top 5

The official NBA 2K account shared a post revealing three categories that fans are quite excited about. As mentioned earlier, these include shooting, dunking, and rookies. It's safe to say that there are some obvious choices, while there are those that might raise some eyebrows. 

Stephen Curry is the highest-rated shooter with a 99, no surprise considering that the Warriors man crossed Ray Allen's all-time 3-pointers record and also led his team to a championship. Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant are tied for 3rd along with Memphis youngster Desmond Bane and Clippers man Luke Kennard. 


The dunking category is tighter, Ja Morant and Zion Williamson are tied at the top with 97. The Dunk Contest legends, Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon, are also in the Top 5. Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves also has a 95, something for him to prove again as he gets ready to tackle next season


The rookies have also been mentioned, with the top 3 picks making up the 3 highest-rated players. Chet Holmgren is 3rd, even though he was chosen 2nd overall, and he will be unable to change that in the coming season due to his devastating injury. Keegan Murray and Jaden Ivey are two players that have created a lot of expectations. Next season promises to be a fun one, and 2K23 is here to whet everyone's appetite for it.