Gamers Go Crazy After Jake From State Farm Makes Surprise Appearance In NBA 2K22

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Gamers Go Crazy After Jake From State Farm Makes Surprise Appearance In NBA 2K22

Not long after the release of NBA 2K22, basketball fans immersed themselves in the world, looking for any tips, secrets, or easter eggs that may appear in the game.

And while many fans are pleased with how things turned out this time, that's not to say there aren't some rather bizarre aspects of the game.

In past installments, 2K was never shy about their ad space, often dedicating entire sections of their game to specific brands and sponsors.

This year is no different.

As fans were playing through the revamped MyCareer mode, they found themselves face-to-face with "Jake," the loveable but rather insignificant mascot for State Farm insurance, which you might recognize as the same company behind the famous "Cliff Paul" commercials.

It's a weird and over-the-top encounter for sure, and while some fans enjoyed the cameo, others were quick to point out how cringe-inducing it can be.

Apparently, players can also dress their MyPlayer like Jake.

(via IGN)

As Jake from State Farm says in the encounter, you can also dress like Jake from State Farm after meeting up with the character. Capybaroness, who was among the first to spot Jake from State Farm in NBA 2K22, also posted an image of the clothing, or "drip," as Jake from State Farm says.

The actor who plays Jake from State Farm, Kevin Miles, reacted to his appearance in NBA 2K22 on social media, retweeting a story about it. Jake from State Farm is one of the most recognizable salespeople in recent years; if you watch TV or online videos, you've no doubt seen Jake from State Farm many times.

All-in-all, it's a pretty funny gag that brought a smile to a whole lot of faces.

But it's not exactly a very subtle cash-grab by 2K, who have literally gone out of their way to shove State Farm into their game.

Whatever the case, that's just how sports gaming is nowadays.