Kevin Porter Jr. Blasts Ronnie 2K For Low 2K22 Overall: "A 77? Carry On. You Got Rookies Ranking Higher Than Me?"

kevin porter jr

Kevin Porter Jr. was traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Houston Rockets for just a second-round pick last season, but it looks as though the trade has done wonders for him. With the Rockets, Kevin Porter Jr. put up 16.6 PPG and 6.3 APG, a marked improvement from his first season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. There's still a lot of room for Kevin Porter Jr. to improve, and there are many Rockets fans who are excited to see how he performs next season.

While many Rockets fans know about how good he is, it seems as though NBA 2K hasn't quite caught on yet. Kevin Porter has recently asked Ronnie 2K to reveal his rating, as well as suggesting that they should get some of his in-game apparel correct, claiming that he looked like he was "at LA Fitness" in-game currently. Ronnie 2K revealed that his apparel will indeed be in 2K22, but that Porter Jr's overall would only be a 77. 

Kevin Porter Jr. wasn't happy with the rating and it looks as though he feels as if he's underrated. He also brought attention to the fact that there are rookies ranked higher than him. It makes sense that it may be premature to rank rookies ahead of a solid and established player, especially because we haven't seen them play in the NBA yet. He also joked about how the people that are in charge of ratings don't watch games.

There's no doubt that 2K ratings are something that will be adjusted throughout the year, and that Kevin Porter Jr. will have plenty of opportunities to prove that he deserves a higher 2K rating. A 77 certainly seems a little low for Porter. Kevin Porter Jr. has a lot of potential, and he's already far ahead of where he was with the Cavaliers. Hopefully, the Houston Rockets get the best out of him, and perhaps we'll see him take another leap next season.