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10 Players With The Worst Winning Percentage In NBA History

10 Players With The Worst Winning Percentage In NBA History

The NBA is full of good records, both for teams and players, but the league has also witnessed how some franchises and their athletes don't do good in one of the hardest competitions in the world of sports. Winning is everything here, no matter what. That's why you see stars joining other stars to be successful. Some make it, yes, but other players were unlucky or didn't play for good teams during their stints in the league.

Just like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, LeBron James and more are proven winners, there are players whose careers didn't go well and now are the biggest losers in the history of the league. Today, we're going to take a look at the 10 players with the worst winning percentage in the history of the association. These players are anything but famous around the NBA community and there is a reason why.

10. Clark Kellogg: 74-186 (28.5 percent)

Played for Pacers


9. Lee Mayberry: 139-357 (28.0 percent)

Played for Bucks and Grizzlies

lee mayberry

8. Randy White: 78-203 (27.8 percent)

Played for Mavericks

randy white

7. Donte Greene: 70-183 (27.7 percent)

Played for Kings

donte greene

6. Marcus Fizer: 78-211 (27.0 percent)

Played for Bulls, Bucks and Hornets

marcus fizer

5. Tellis Frank: 71-193 (26.9 percent)

Played for Warriors, Heat and Timberwolves


4. Tyrone Nesby: 66-189 (25.9 percent)

Played for Clippers and Wizards

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

3. Doug Smith: 70-226 (23.6 percent)

Played for Mavericks and Celtics


2. Bryant Reeves: 87-308 (22.0 percent)

Played for Grizzlies

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

1. Hollis Thompson: 53-212 (20.0 percent)

Played for Sixers and Pelicans

hollis thompson

It looks like playing for a good team was never an option for these men. They didn't have a good career in the association, they played in bad teams and now are part of history but not for the right reasons. They are the biggest losers in NBA history, having records that nobody wants to have.

**Credit to HoopsHype**


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