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5 Best Buyout Candidates For The Los Angeles Lakers After The Trade Deadline

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5 Best Buyout Candidates For The Los Angeles Lakers After The Trade Deadline

The Los Angeles Lakers ended up making no moves prior to the trade deadline and will continue with the same squad that they've had all year. It is clear that the squad still has some weaknesses as of right now.

A way that the Los Angeles Lakers could get better is by adding a free agent from the buyout market. Here are the best buyout candidates for the Lakers, and these are all players that could help their squad.

5. Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson once won a ring with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2019. Thompson is generally viewed as a player who is good at finishing on the interior, playing defense, and rebounding. Perhaps he can reunite with LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers. Thompson could potentially get bought out by the Indiana Pacers as they are currently rebuilding.

On the Los Angeles Lakers, Tristan Thompson would be providing energy and athleticism off of the bench and backing up Anthony Davis at the center position. He'd probably be a better option than their current bench centers at this point.

4. DeAndre Bembry

DeAndre Bembry

DeAndre Bembry would be an underrated pickup for the Los Angeles Lakers. He recently got waived by the Brooklyn Nets, but there's no doubt that he can still be a winning role player on a contender.

Bembry is a versatile defender that can switch onto multiple positions. He is also a burgeoning shooter, averaging 41.7% from beyond the arc, albeit only on 0.8 attempts a game. He could be perfect as a low-minute role player that can provide defense and some shooting for the Lakers.

3. Dennis Schroder

Dennis Schroder

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently been connected with Dennis Schroder, with reports claiming that they would be interested in bringing him back to the Lakers if he were to get bought out by the Houston Rockets. The Rockets are focused on giving their young players minutes currently, as evidenced by John Wall sitting out for the team, so a buyout could happen.

Dennis Schroder could give the Los Angeles Lakers some scoring off the bench, and he is also a pest on the perimeter. Depth and defense are both issues for the Los Angeles Lakers currently, and Dennis Schroder would definitely help them fix that.   

2. Gary Harris

Gary Harris

Gary Harris is a 3 and D player who has some ability to create his own shot. He is currently averaging 11.6 PPG for the Orlando Magic while shooting 38.6% from beyond the arc. 

If Gary Harris were to get bought out by the Orlando Magic, he'd be a seamless fit on the Los Angeles Lakers. His defense would help the team overall, and his shooting would be useful next to Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. He could potentially start immediately for the team, and if an avenue to acquire him is there, the Lakers should absolutely take it.

1. Goran Dragic

Dallas Mavericks Are Favorites To Sign Goran Dragic As Spurs Plan To Buy Him Out

Goran Dragic is quite possibly the best player that the Los Angeles Lakers could get on the buyout market. He is a player that can play both the point guard and the shooting guard positions, and he has always been a capable ballhandler and shooter. He has been poor for the Toronto Raptors this season, but he did well for the Miami Heat in the 2020-21 season averaging 13.4 PPG and 4.4 APG in a sixth man role while shooting 37.3% from beyond the arc. There is a chance he gets bought out by the San Antonio Spurs so they can prioritize the development of their young players.

On the Los Angeles Lakers, Goran Dragic would slot right in. He could create his offense on the perimeter but also play off of LeBron James and Russell Westbrook off the ball. His acquisition would immediately improve their guard depth as well, and he'd be perfect in a sixth-man role.