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Adrian Wojnarowski Says There's No Ongoing Talks Between Nets And Sixers Regarding A James Harden-Ben Simmons Trade

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A lot has been said about the potential James Harden-Ben Simmons trade brewing between the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers. At the time of writing, nothing is certain for any team, as several rumors suggest different things. 

Earlier today, it was reported that the Nets wanted 'two or three players' besides Ben Simmons to send James Harden to Philly. They asked about Tyrese Maxey, Seth Curry and Matisse Thybulle in a potential trade, but the Sixers are trying to find a way to send a package without compromising their core. 

It seems like the front offices are trying to get the advantage of one another, but ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that there is no negotiation happening right now. The veteran insider described the current situation between Sixers and Nets, stating that they're not going back and forth trying to unlock negotiations. 

"Right now, there's no negotiation going on between Brooklyn and Philadelphia... the idea that they're going back and forth as surmised by some, I don't believe that to be accurate," Woj said on Tuesday's edition of "Greeny."

Contrary to what many people stated, there are no talks between Sixers and Nets at this moment. We still have one day to know what will happen with Harden and Simmons, but right now, it doesn't seem like their teams are getting close to completing a deal. 

We need to sit and wait until the situation is finished. The Sixers are reportedly willing to wait until the offseason to trade Simmons and pursue a deal with Harden. Still, the trade deadline could accelerate this process and put them in a privileged position with a Joel Embiid-James Harden duo. 

This won't be the last thing we hear about this situation, but right now, we're not close to seeing a trade between Philly and Brooklyn.