Alex Caruso Has Apparently Been Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana In Texas

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Alex Caruso has become a fan-favorite in the city of Los Angeles. Although he plays a relatively minor role for the team, he always plays with intensity and heart, leading to him becoming a sort of celebrity for the team. His face is also the subject of countless memes.

But on Tuesday, his face went viral for a different reason.

Apparently, the Lakers guard was caught having a little too much fun in Texas, as fans discovered he was arrested in the state for possession of Marijuana.

Of course, the news blew up the Twitter world, who just couldn't help but have a laugh at the situation.

Obviously, we hope for the best for Caruso. Since it's his first offense, and (by all accounts) it wasn't a lot, he was able to walk out after a few hours with a slap on the wrist, so that's good news.

But it's still kind of funny that he got himself into that situation, especially considering he's the last one anybody would have expected.

At the very least, NBA Twitter is having a great time tonight, that much is certain.

As for Caruso, perhaps he should heed these words from the great Stephen A. Smith: stay off the weed!