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Andre Iguodala Dismisses Stephen A. Smith's Criticism Of Jonathan Kuminga: "From What I Heard, He Been Doing What He Supposed To Do."

Jonathan Kuminga

Jonathan Kuminga is an exciting prospect currently playing for the Golden State Warriors. He has often been touted for his athleticism and rim finishing ability, and many have stated their excitement over his potential.

Despite his talent, Jonathan Kuminga has previously received some criticism from NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith. Smith claimed that he's worried about Kuminga due to his "level of focus" and his "determination".

I'm worried about Kuminga. I'm hearing too many things about him off the court, in terms of his head. The level of discipline that he lacks... some of the foolishness. I'm not getting in his personal business... I'm talking attitude. I'm not talking actions. I'm saying that attitude, the level of focus, commitment, determination. Just putting your head down and doing the work. I'm hearing that he's short-changing the Warriors in that regard, and he gotta get his act together.

There is no doubt that this report is slightly concerning for Warriors fans, and hopefully, we see Jonathan Kuminga prove Stephen A. Smith's concerns about him wrong.

Andre Iguodala Backs Jonathan Kuminga After Stephen A. Smith's Comments

Sometimes, we see players dismiss inaccurate reports about themselves or their teammates. It seems as though this is what happened in this case regarding Stephen A. Smith's criticism of Jonathan Kuminga.

Andre Iguodala has recently backed Jonathan Kuminga amidst Stephen A. Smith's comments. On an episode of the Point Forward podcast, Iguodala claimed that he's not sure "how warranted" Stephen A. Smith's criticism, as based on what he's heard, Kuminga has "been doing what he's supposed to do" over the course of the offseason.

He took some licks from Stephen A. I don’t know how warranted they were because from what I heard he been doing what he supposed to do this summer.

Jonathan Kuminga's development will be key for the Golden State Warriors heading into next season. He is part of the team's young core, and perhaps we will see him carve out a significant role within the team as he develops. Thus far, Jonathan Kuminga has shown a lot of good flashes on both ends of the floor.

It remains to be seen how well the Golden State Warriors will end up doing next season. Though the Western Conference is tough, the Warriors just won the 2022 championship, and have the talent to go back to back. Jonathan Kuminga will be a key player, and hopefully, Kuminga thrives in his second year with the team.