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Andre Iguodala On Kyrie Irving: "I Hope He Shows His Talent To The World... Dude Is That Good But Y'all Don't Want To Say That."

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Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving has been out of the rotation for the Brooklyn Nets for the majority of the year, due to his status as an unvaccinated player. However, that has changed recently, and it looks as though he will be returning relatively soon.

It was recently reported that Kyrie Irving has started the process to return to the Nets, and will likely play away games. That certainly helps the Brooklyn Nets improve, as there have definitely been times they have missed his scoring in isolation.

Andre Iguodala has recently commented on Kyrie Irving in the Warriors' postgame presser. Iguodala lauded the Nets point guard, stating that he hopes that Irving "shows his talent to the world" and added that people "don't want to say" that Kyrie Irving is "that good".

Kyrie's my man. So I hope he shows his talent to the world, and continues to prove me right that he's a top player. They don't want us to see him and his skill set though. His mind is too free.

I mean as long as he playing in the playoffs...they gonna win every time he play. Dude is that good but y'all don't want to say that.

Kyrie Irving is certainly a player that moves the needle for the Brooklyn Nets. There is no doubt that the Nets were good without Kyrie Irving, but with him, they could potentially be unstoppable on the offensive end.

We'll see when Kyrie Irving ends up returning, but it seems as though some in the NBA world are excited to see him play once again. He is certainly one of the most entertaining players in the league due to his wizardry with the ball. Nets fans will certainly be happy about the news regarding his return, and he'll be making the Brooklyn Nets a superteam once again.