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Andre Iguodala Responds To Skip Bayless 'Iguodala Chose To Return To Golden State Over Becoming LeBron's Teammate': "Nobody Stopping Him My Guy..."


Every single one of us has a purpose in life. Some may have not found their calling or their talent yet, but we were all put on this Earth to do something. To be passionate about it.

Gladly for him, Skip Bayless has found it. He's here to make every single little thing about LeBron James. Even when we're not talking about basketball, the NBA, or even sports, he somehow manages to find a way to connect everything bad to The King.

That's why it was unsurprising to see him take a swipe at James and the Lakers once again after Andre Iguodala decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors:

"Sounds like Andre Iguodala, age 37, just chose to return to Golden St over becoming LeBron's teammate. Why join him when you've routinely beaten him and always been his defensive nemesis? Besides, the Lakers are a little too old for Iggy," Skip Bayless tweeted.

"Nobody stopping him my guy… buddy god status.. ALWAYS love!" Iguodala replied.

Bayless is so obsessed with LeBron that it has become comical at this point. There's just no way that he believes half of the things he says and tweets, but that's just his character. It's fine, we get it.

At the end of the day, most players feel exactly the way Andre does. Love him or hate him, rivals or teammates, you can't deny that he's one of the greatest players in the history of basketball.

Then again, not everything is about him. Andre wanted to run it back with his former teammates and the organization where he won 3 rings, made 5 NBA Finals and won one Finals MVP. 

He had settled down in the Bay before being traded and now is happy to be back home. It's as simple as that, Skip.