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Andrew Bogut Explains What Really Happened In The Jordan Bell vs. Mike Brown Hotel Scandal

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Andrew Bogut has shed light on the controversial situation that Jordan Bell and Mike Brown lived with the Golden State Warriors a couple of years ago. The pair were involved in a very bad situation that started as an innocent prank and ended with the former Warrior suspended for a game after his curious joke.

Recently, the Australian player explained what really happened and how Bell tried to pull a prank on the Warriors assistant coach, even getting Klay Thompson involved in the situation. Talking with KNBR, Bogut revealed how Bell bought a bunch of things and tried to charge it to Mike Brown.

“I just got there and like a week later the Jordan Bell thing happened,” Bogut said on KNBR. “We’re in Memphis, and usually when you’re on the road if you get room service or put something on your room, you just pay for it upon checkout. This hotel had a rule where if you didn’t have a credit card on file, you had to pay for it on the spot.

“So Jordan Bell goes into the gift shop. I don’t know what the hell he bought, some candles, some peanuts, just a bunch of random shit, right. Decides ‘I’m going to sign this off to Mike Brown.’ He gets signed off and as soon as he leaves they call Mike Brown’s room like literally five minutes later like, ‘Sir you need to come back down because we don’t have a credit card on file, you need to pay for that.’ He’s like ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’ve been in my room for the last hour.’

“So he goes downstairs and gets the receipt. Jordan Bell had originally signed the receipt in his name and he scrubbed out the name and then signed Mike. So then Mike’s like ‘Clearly someone forged my name, that’s not my signature.’

“It got bad man. So they got CCTV footage because Mike’s like ‘I’m not paying for this, there’s no chance in hell.’ So they get the CCTV footage, and you see Jordan Bell walking in there. And Jordan Bell’s like ‘Nah it wasn’t me,’ and they’re like ‘We have you on camera’ and he’s like ‘Oh yeah it was, but I was just playing a prank.’

“They take it seriously, right. Then he throws Klay under the bus, ‘Yeah this is a prank that a bunch of us do, like Klay was always doing it to me, always signing his internet and his inter-room movies to my rooms. So I just thought it was a thing we did on the team.’ Then Klay’s sitting there like ‘Dude, what the F man I have nothing to do with this.’

“It finished up with him not having so much of a funny story where he got suspended for a game, but it was funny because no one knew what he purchased, so everyone on the internet thought that Jordan Bell ordered a porno film and put it on Mike’s room. So then Jordan Bell had to put out a statement to his agent saying I did not order a porno. This poor kid dug himself a massive hole and just kept digging it further and further and further until he subsequently got suspended for a game.”

That definitely didn't go as expected and Bell received a big punishment for his antics. He was suspended, had to pay for his stuff and we're pretty sure he earned a lot of funny faces when the rest of the team found out about his little prank.

During the 2018/19 NBA season, the Warriors had more episodes like this, including the one between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant. That season apparently was very moved for them and Bell didn't do anything to help his team.