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Andrew Wiggins' Gorgeous Girlfriend Celebrates Wiggs Winning The 2022 NBA Title: "A Champion!!!"

Andrew Wiggins' Gorgeous Girlfriend Celebrates Wiggs Winning The 2022 NBA Title: "A Champion!!!"

After a very short-lived stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers (where he didn't even make his debut) and a rocky tenure with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Andrew Wiggins found his place in the world in San Francisco when he joined the Golden State Warriors. 

It's been three years since that moment. Wiggs started his career in the Bay when the Dubs recorded the league-worst record in 2020 and then struggled to return to the playoffs. All of that changed this year, as the Warriors looked like a solid unit to compete for big things. 

Just like his team, Wiggins improved his game and became the best version of himself, even earning a starting spot in the 2022 All-Star Game. Things got only better for him after that moment. He returned to the playoffs, and this time he made a deep run, going all the way and getting his first ring. 

After the 2022 Finals were over and the Golden State Warriors were crowned NBA champions, Wiggins earned a lot of praise for his evolution and the value he brought to the team. His girlfriend, Mychal Johnson, was the first one to celebrate him, sharing a short but wholesome video of the player kissing her. 

The Canadian star has been with Johnson since 2013, according to The Focus, and they have two children together, who obviously were with their father at TD Garden. 

Johnson looked really happy for the former No. 1 overall pick, and she's always shown her admiration for Andrew, constantly posting pictures, praising him and rooting for him on the court. 

After a rocky time with the T-Wolves, Wiggins is happy to be with the Warriors. He's ready to get paid this offseason, but it's not secure that the Warriors will give him that new contract. Either way, Wiggins has earned his stripes and showed his value in the league. He's thriving on and off the court, and it's hard not to feel happy for him.