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Anfernee Simons Has Signed A 4-Year, $100 Million Extension With The Trail Blazers

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Anfernee Simons was one of the breakout talents of the 2021-22 season, showing his ability as a shooter and shot creator. He was a free agent going into this year, but it seems as though he will not be leaving Portland.

Adrian Wojnarowski has recently revealed that Anfernee Simons will be signing a four-year, $100 million extension with the Portland Trail Blazers. It is clear that they see him as a backcourt partner for Damian Lillard.

The Portland Trail Blazers could end up being a really good squad next season. They have two really good defensive forwards in Jerami Grant and Josh Hart, and now they have retained their elite offensive backcourt as well. Anfernee Simmons is still young and could improve, and perhaps he could end up being that 2nd star that the Trail Blazers have been lacking.

It remains to be seen how far the Portland Trail Blazers end up getting next season, as they will have to go through top-tier teams such as the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers to get to the NBA Finals. However, retaining Anfernee Simons was a necessary step in building a top-tier team, and his growth will be key for the team to have a deep playoff run.