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Anthony Davis Reveals His Kobe Bryant Tattoo

(via Sports Center)

(via Sports Center)

Everyone deals with grief differently. In the case of Kobe Bryant, there are many ways people are paying tribute to the basketball legend and his daughter, who two of nine victims who lost their lives one week ago.

Lakers stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis decided to ink themselves up to remember Kobe.

LeBron put the numbers "24" and 8" around a snake that said "Mamba for life." It wasn't long before Anthony Davis followed suit with a tattoo of his own.

Davis' tattoo features a snake wrapping around the famous Kobe brand symbol. The snake is obviously a call-back to Bryant's nickname, the "Blake Mamba."

All kinds of different gestures, memorials, and tributes have surfaced since the passing of Kobe. While there are many differences in how people are expressing themselves about this tragedy, one thing remains the same: the impact Kobe had on their lives.

Bryant touched a lot of people and the overwhelming outcry of support only serves as evidence to that point.