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Antonio Daniels Explains Why Joel Embiid Is The MVP: "He's Putting Up Wilt Chamberlain-Type Numbers."

Joel Embiid

With Ben Simmons out this year, Joel Embiid has had to take on a huge offensive load for the Philadelphia 76ers. He has been playing on an extremely high level, and Embiid is currently averaging 29.1 PPG, 10.8 RPG, and 4.4 APG while shooting 36.6% from beyond the arc. It is clear that he is having an absolutely special season.

NBA analyst Antonio Daniels has recently explained why Joel Embiid is his pick for the 2021-22 MVP. Daniels claimed that Embiid is "putting up Wilt Chamberlain numbers", and there's no question that Joel Embiid has put the Philadelphia 76ers on his back this year.

Right now Joel Embiid is my MVP... If you breakdown his last 4-5 games, he's giving you 42 and about 13 rebounds. He has been special all year long. He's putting up Wilt Chamberlain-type numbers.

There's no question that Joel Embiid has been dominant this year. He has elevated his playmaking this year as well, and he's a force on both ends of the floor. The Philadelphia 76ers are 3rd in the Eastern Conference even without Ben Simmons, and that is due to Joel Embiid playing like an MVP-level player. If the Philadelphia 76ers do end up getting a good return/impact players for Ben Simmons, they could be contenders once again.

Hopefully, we see Joel Embiid get some more offensive help in the future. Young point guard Tyrese Maxey has been an amazing revelation for the team this season, and they have solid role players like Seth Curry on the roster. However, most people would agree that the 76ers don't have enough talent to seriously compete for an NBA championship.

Despite this, it seems as though the 76ers are content to wait until the offseason as James Harden may become available, and he has a connection to GM Daryl Morey. However, there is still a chance that we see the 76ers get a co-star for Joel Embiid prior to the trade deadline, and there's no doubt that if the team adds talent, they will become legitimate contenders.