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Baron Davis Doesn't Care About Kevin Durant's Offseason After Watching Golden State Warriors Become Champions: "I Hope He Stay In Brooklyn And Do What He Was Supposed To Do"

Jerry West Believes Kevin Durant Won't Be Traded From The Nets: "He’s Not Going To Be Traded. You Can’t Give Enough To Get A Guy Like KD."

The Kevin Durant offseason drama is going to have the entire league in a chokehold until it's resolved. We are yet to see contracts be offered to top free agents like Collin Sexton and Deandre Ayton, primarily because teams are trying to evaluate their flexibility in making a trade for Durant.

KD leaving Brooklyn after the franchise tried doing everything to make it a superteam is a little disappointing for many. However, KD is within his rights to be upset over how they are treating his teammate Kyrie Irving. Whether that justifies asking out of a 4-year contract is something for everyone else to make their own judgments on.

2-time NBA All-Star Baron Davis has passed his judgment, hoping that KD doesn't leave Brooklyn and completes what he set out to complete. He also relayed the fact he doesn't care where KD goes because the Warriors, Lakers, Clippers, and Knicks all look good for the upcoming season. 

"I don't know. KD got all the attention in the league right now. Let's hope he don't get traded. Let's hope he stays in Brooklyn and does what he's supposed to do. I don't really care, I'm just sitting at home. Warriors won, Lakers going to be better, Clippers going to be better, Knicks gonna get better. I don't really care where KD go."

Trade talks, including Durant, have slowed down heavily after the slow realization for teams that they most likely cannot afford the Nets' asking price for him. Similarly, the Nets will realize that they probably won't get what they want for KD in a return package as no team is willing to give 4 first-round picks and good young players. 

The Nets are in no rush to trade KD, so we may see this saga stretch into the basketball season. Hopefully, the last players left on the market can sign with their teams, and we can watch the rumors around a KD trade continue from October onwards.