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Shams Charania Says The Suns, Heat, Raptors, Warriors Are The Frontrunners To Pursue A Trade For Kevin Durant: "But Given The Asking Price That Has Already Been Set Forth, This Is A Process That Could Take Several Weeks."

Kevin Durant

When Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined the Brooklyn Nets in 2019, it injected the fans of the franchise with a lot of excitement. After all, two of the best players in the NBA decided to join the team and help them potentially win multiple NBA titles.

Well, at the time, most believed that this was bound to happen when KD and Kyrie joined forces. But just three years after the news mentioned above, the duo is all set to break up.

While Kyrie Irving has recently opted into his player option, Kevin Durant has been very clear that he wants to move on to the next chapter in his career. Unfortunately, Durant doesn't have much leverage in his trade negotiations.

Since the 2x NBA champion signed a 4-year extension, the Nets can decide at any moment to just not trade him. Or they could trade him to a team that provides the best package to them. However, for all that to happen, any team should be at least willing to trade for Kevin Durant.

Due to the high price that the Nets have set for KD, which is extremely fair, any team trading for Durant will have to give up a lot of assets to acquire the former NBA MVP. While many teams are interested in moving forward with the trade, as per NBA insider Shams Charania, it could take several weeks or even months to be finalized.

(Starts at 0:44):

"All conversations are open for teams to call, reach out, submit offers. Teams like Suns, Heat, Raptors, Warriors. Those are among the teams that are gonna be at the forefront trying to pursue a Kevin Durant deal. But given the asking price that has already been set forth, this is a process that could take several weeks, could take several months, could take the remainder of this offseason."

This is an interesting development in the Kevin Durant trade saga. Or should we say that there is a lack of development in the trade saga?

Considering the Nets are trading one of the best players of this generation, you can't just blame them for trying to get the best offer they can for him. Moreover, they can simply refuse to trade Durant until they get the package they are looking for.