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Ben Simmons Has Officially Surpassed $10 Million In Fines From Philadelphia 76ers

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Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons has been sitting out games for the Philadelphia 76ers but hasn't yet been traded. That of course has caused some friction between him and the Philadelphia 76ers. While the reports about him getting fined have died down, it seems as though it was still happening in the background.

It has recently been revealed that Ben Simmons has officially surpassed $10 million in fines this season. Ben Simmons' salary for the 2021-22 season is $33,003,936, so he has been fined around 30% of his salary for the season.

Ben Simmons has officially surpassed $10 million in fines from the Sixers this season.

It is clear that the fines would stop if Ben Simmons were to suit up for the team, but that obviously hasn't happened yet. Perhaps we will end up seeing Ben Simmons play again this season, but that seems unlikely to happen until he's traded to another franchise where he can get a fresh start.

We'll see what happens regarding Ben Simmons going forward. The Philadelphia 76ers have been steadfast in holding out for a desired return for the 3-time All-Star. He clearly brings a lot of value to any team when he plays due to his playmaking, rebounding, and defense, The 76ers reportedly have a list of 30 players they'd accept in a Ben Simmons trade, with James Harden and Bradley Beal headlining it. However, thus far, there has been no franchise that has been willing to give up the asking price.

Hopefully, Ben Simmons can get traded sooner rather than later, so both parties can move on from one another. The return for Ben Simmons will likely help the Philadelphia 76ers field a better team, while Ben Simmons will get to play for a team that can help him improve and develop his game. It remains to be seen when exactly that will happen, and perhaps we'll see this topic pop up closer to the deadline.