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Bob Myers Confirms The Warriors Will Not Trade For Kevin Durant: "I Like Our Team And Where It’s At. I Want To Give The Guys A Chance To Do It Again.”

Kevin Durant

While the Warriors have been mentioned as a potential trade partner for Kevin Durant, there have been pretty significant doubts that they'd be willing to give up the pieces it would take to get him.

In an exclusive with, team GM/President Bob Myers all but confirmed his team's plans to not pursue the 2x champion, telling Mark Medina that he likes where his squad is at right now.

(via NBA):

“I like our team and where it’s at,” Myers said. “I want to give the guys a chance to do it again. We kept most of it together, but we have to stay healthy. I didn’t think we’d make it last year, but we did. I watch like you do. We’ll see what happens."

With their fourth title in eight years, the Warriors have already marked their place in history -- and they might not be done yet. They rose to the occasion when everybody counted them out a year ago, and now they are in a position to take control again with their core intact.

“It’s a good group. We’re lucky. It’ll be fun to see,” Myers said. “We were really hunting last year. Now I guess we’re back to being the hunted, which I didn’t think we’d be. We’ll see. I think we can handle it.”

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are always going to be competitive when they play together. Their track record is more than enough to give them the benefit of the doubt.

While trading for Durant might improve their chances to win now, there's no reason to mortgage the future when they are already enjoying so much prosperity.

Bob Meyers has never been one to take unnecessary risks, and you can't expect him to do it after capturing another title.