NBA Journalist Bomani Jones Flames Space Jam 2: "LeBron James Is Not Michel Jordan..."

Bomani Jones Flames Space Jam 2- "LeBron James Is Not Michel Jordan..."

Now that LeBron James has been eliminated from title contention, his focus has shifted to marketing the upcoming "Space Jam 2" movie, which will star himself and other NBA stars in a sequel of the famous 90s basketball film.

While many are excited to see the new movie, there are others who aren't nearly as enthusiastic.

NBA analyst Bomani Jones, for example, recently admitted that he couldn't care less about the film.

“Do you give a d*mn about this movie? I never felt like Space Jam was some kind of classic in the first place. I did not recall people having this love and Space Jam affection that seems to be coming through in all of this. And, LeBron James is not Michael Jordan… He is setting himself up for disappointment.”

Space Jam 2 has some pretty talented actors, an intriguing story, and some pretty nice visuals. All-in-all, though, the degree of its success remains to be seen.

Besides the fact that basketball movies aren't for everyone, living up to the piece MJ did over 20 years ago won't be an easy feat. For as good as LeBron James is on the court, will he have the same pull behind the big screen?

Many questions still remain about the movie, but we'll be able to judge it for ourselves soon enough.