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Bronny James: 'Who's My Dad? Steph Curry'

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Bronny James got jokes, no doubt about it. During a recent Instagram live, LeBron James' eldest son was hooping while answering some questions from his followers. He received one that surprised a lot of people but Bronny managed to get a joke out of it.

At some point, somebody asked Bronny who was his father. He read the question a little surprised but then came back with a big response.

"Who's my dad? Steph Curry," the young man said.

It's hard to think that was a legit question but Bronny knew how to handle and actually cracked up a lot of people. If he was to pick somebody else as his dad, one would've imagined he was going with Curry. Bronny was caught on video shooting sitting on a bench, yelling 'Steph' every time he attempted a shot, so this comes as no surprise for many. His actual father, LeBron James, reacted to Bronny's response on Instagram, showing how funny he found the exchange.

While Bron is getting ready for the NBA return in Orlando, Bronny is staying at home, practicing with his brother and preparing for his sophomore year at Sierra Canyon. In the meantime, they all find ways to have fun while this whole coronavirus crisis gets under control.