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Bucks Legend Says Khris Middleton Deserves More Credit For 2021 Championship: “Because When They Took Giannis Out Of The Game, And Also Jrue Was Struggling At The Time, He Just Took Over.”

Khris middleton

Even though he's had to grind and work harder than anybody else for what he has, it seems like Khris Middleton continues to fly under the radar.

Middleton was the bottom of several jokes during the playoffs for a couple of bad performances but he was also one of the main reasons why the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA Championship.

He's a hard-working player that can do a little bit of everything, and that's why former Bucks player Todd Day gave him his flowers following the championship:

“I think he was a key force in them [Milwaukee] being able to go over the hump,” Day told Basketball News, as quoted by Essentially Sports. “Because when they took Giannis out of the game, and also Jrue was struggling at the time, he just took over. There were two or three games where he just took over. A third quarter he scored like 24 points. Whenever you have two teams that’s really close, you have to have somebody or couple of people who have burst out games; and I think he’s done that.”

Day went on to say that he hopes that Middleton finally gets the praise and recognition he deserves after this title run and playing with Team USA:

“He’s a proven assassin, an asylum assassin. He doesn’t get the credit that I think he deserves because he was in Milwaukee. But now that they’ve made a good playoff run and were able to get a ring, and now he’s going to play for the USA team, he’ll start to get the recognition that he truly deserves," Day concluded.

Middleton has definitely come a long way. From the G-League to being traded to actually having to fight with Giannis Antetokounmpo for playing time. He's fought hard for every single thing he's accomplished, so let's give credit where it's due.