Cade Cunningham Reveals He Has 861 Unanswered Texts From Draft Night: "I'ma Try To Get Back To All My People."

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cade cunningham

Cade Cunningham was the No. 1 overall pick for the Detroit Pistons in last night's NBA draft, just as everyone had been expecting him to be. Regardless of the expectations, being the No. 1 pick is exciting for any player and their loved ones. Getting drafted to the NBA, in general, is a dream come true for a lot of prospects, let alone getting drafted No. 1.

There is no question that many people have already congratulated Cade Cunningham on his achievement, and there's certainly a lot to look forward to for Cade Cunningham and the Detroit Pistons. In a recent interview, Cunningham revealed that he still had 861 unanswered texts on his phone from the draft night and that he would try to answer all of them. That amount is staggering and just speaks to how many people are invested in Cade Cunningham doing well in the league.

I got 861 right now... Yeah, it's crazy right now but I'ma clean it up though. I'ma try and get back to all my people.

There is no doubt that Cunningham will have his work cut out for him when answering those messages, ahead of the important work he'll have to put in to become that superstar most draft analysts project him to be. Cade Cunnigham has great offensive skills for his size, and he projects to be a multi-positional defender in the league as well. He definitely has the potential to become a great player who can impact the floor on both ends.

While we won't know how Cade Cunningham's game will look like in the NBA just yet, there's certainly a lot of excitement about Cunnigham. Many have claimed is the next hope for the Detroit Pistons franchise. Hopefully, Cade Cunningham can meet those expectations, and show why he was the No. 1 pick.