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Channing Frye Tells A LeBron James Revenge Story: "Someone On Our Bench Yelled At Bron 'Oh We Livin' And Bron Goes 'Ok I See You'. He Then Turned The Burners On..."

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

LeBron James seems to respond well when hecklers and naysayers decide to speak boldly mid-game.

Throughout the course of LeBron's career, there have been many instances in which he has exploded with a monster performance following some form of criticism or negativity being spewed towards his name. Most recently, we have seen two instances of James facing off against some of his haters -- once against a Cleveland executive and just a few days ago against a pair of fans.

According to former NBA forward Channing Frye, it also happened back when LeBron was in Miami.

In one instance during a game between the Heat and Suns a few years ago, James went off after some chatter from the bench.

"I was in Phoenix and Bron in Miami. He was having a semi quiet game. Someone on our bench yelled at Bron 'Oh we livin' and the whole bench goes shut the hell up. Bron goes 'ok I see u'. He then turned the burners on and was barbecuing PJ Tucker."

(start at 12:05)

Fans eventually figured out the specific game, pointing out one match between the Heat and Suns back in which LeBron would end up not missing a single shot in the 4th quarter, dripping 12 points in 4 minutes in the 4th. He finished with 35 for the game in the 107-92 win.

Needless to say, trash-talking LeBron James probably isn't a good idea -- and many have found that out the hard way.