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Charles Barkley Once Raced TNT's Head Security Guard: "Chico Came Up And Said 'Dude, Speed Up'."

Charles Barkley Once Raced TNT's Head Security Guard: "Chico Came Up And Said 'Dude, Speed Up'."

Charles Barkley was an incredible athlete during his stint in the NBA. Barkley was part of the historic 1984 NBA Draft class and found incredible success during his time in the NBA. He was a league MVP and even took the Phoenix Suns to the NBA Finals in 1993. There is no doubt that Barkley was one of the premier athletes during his NBA career.

But in retirement, Barkley is no longer the same athlete he once was. This is completely understandable, as most people who retire from sports tend to let go, as they no longer need to keep their bodies in premier athletic shape. But Barkley still has that competitive spirit in him, as one TNT security guard found out.

A few years ago, Charles Barkley told the story of how he raced against TNT's head security guard Chico. Barkley was running and walking around, and Chico told him to increase his speed. Chuck wasn't having it and proceeded to challenge Chico to a race, and then defeated him in a quick dash.

Barkley has never shied away from a race, especially in the years since he retired from the NBA. At the 2007 NBA All-Star game, Barkley challenged veteran NBA referee Dick Bavetta to a race on the court, a race that he won despite not being in the shape he once used to be in.

Barkley was a freak athlete, and there have been many who suggested that he could perform at a high level despite not eating clean. One former teammate of his noted that Barkley would come to practice with a bag of McDonald's breakfast and work the elliptical as a warm-up.

On top of that, Scottie Pippen also revealed that Barkley was not able to keep up with his training regimen with legendary trainer Tim Grover, and only worked out with them for two weeks. The fact that Barkley was such an incredible athlete despite his habits is a true testament to his ability.