Charles Barkley Says Fans Have Grown Impatient With Ben Simmons: “I Think They’re Mad Because He’s Afraid”

Charles Barkley Says Fans Have Grown Impatient With Ben Simmons: “I Think They’re Mad Because He’s Afraid”

There is no hotter topic of discussion in the NBA world right now than Ben Simmons. The 3x All-Star's future has been the subject of major speculation over the last few months. But this past week, there was a major development.

Simmons told the 76ers that he wants to be traded, even going as far as to boycott training camp until the trade occurs. The Australian guard no longer wants to be playing in Philly.

When Simmons entered the league in 2016, there was a lot of hype and fanfare around him. His style of play, size, and overall athleticism reminded fans of Magic Johnson. 

But Simmons' did have one critical flaw, especially in the context of the modern NBA. Coming into the NBA, Ben had no semblance of a jump shot in his repertoire. But fans and analysts expected that to change, given how young and talented he was.

Five years later, that change is yet to come. Simmons has made almost no improvement in his shooting ability. On top of that, his offensive prowess has actually diminished over the last few seasons.

Former 76ers legend Charles Barkley believes that Simmons is scared of shooting.. During an interview, Barkley spoke about the Simmons situation, as he was in a similar scenario when he demanded a trade from Philly.

Sir Charles said that 76ers fans have grown tired and impatient with Simmons' play, after justifying it for so many years. 

He then compared Simmons to the reigning NBA Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, as both share the same weakness in shooting. But Giannis isn't afraid to shoot the ball, which is why he is more successful.

"I've been asked every single day about this Ben Simmons thing. I think what annoys Philadelphia fans the most… I think they're mad because (Simmons) is afraid. I’ll use this analogy. When you watch the Milwaukee Bucks play and that boy Giannis ain't no better FT shooter but he ain't scared, he going man!”

From the performances we saw in the 2021 NBA playoffs, one thing became extremely clear; Ben Simmons is a player who relies heavily on his confidence. That lack of confidence is why he is so scared to shoot the ball.