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Charles Barkley Trolls LeBron James For Missing The Playoffs By Inviting Him To NBA On TNT: “LeBron, Why Don’t You Come On The Show? You Got Nothing Else To Do.”


LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will not be participating in the playoffs this year. The Lakers were expected to make a run for the NBA championship this year, but they performed very poorly throughout the season and ended up missing the playoffs altogether. LeBron will be free this playoff season, and one NBA legend has offered him something to do to kill the time.

Charles Barkley was reacting to Patrick Beverley’s animated celebration after defeating the LA Clippers on Inside The NBA on TNT. During the footage, a picture of LeBron’s Tweet reacting to Beverley was shown. Barkley then responded by inviting LeBron James on the show to discuss basketball, especially now that he and the Lakers are not playing anymore as their season is over (0:10 onwards).

“Hey LeBron, I asked you a few years ago. Why don’t you come on the show, man? You ain’t got nothing else to do… LeBron, I’m begging you, please come on the show. You ain’t got nothing to do right now. Come here for two nights! Chuck is begging you to come on Inside, 2 nights.”

Barkley was clearly taking shots at LeBron James for missing the playoffs. Barkley didn’t have bad intentions, nor was he trying to antagonize the former NBA champion. It was just some friendly banter at LeBron’s expense. LeBron James has never been on the show as a panelist but has been interviewed by them after games. Whether LeBron accepts Barkley’s invitation to come on the show remains to be seen.

Barkley and LeBron have actually had a somewhat contentious history, with Chuck criticizing James, and James responding back in a hostile manner. But since then, the two have seemingly found a way to interact with each other and be cordial. While they are not very close friends, the two NBA legends can seemingly coexist without any sign of friction.