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Chris Paul Explains Why He Didn't Play The Most Important Minutes In The 4th Quarter

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Chris Paul only played 3 minutes in the 4th quarter, once again leaving the Phoenix Suns without their leader against the dangerous Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James and Anthony Davis took advantage of this, leading their team to a 109-95 win at Staples Center. 

After the game was over, everybody wondered what happened with CP3. The player explained he was hit in the nuts, dismissing the notion that his shoulder is still bothering him. 

In Game 1, Paul hurt his shoulder, missing a big part of that game, too. The difference was, Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker led the team to the victory, but the next two, the Lakers took advantage of Chris' absence, tying and overcoming the deficit. 

There's no footage of that hit to the nuts, but Paul credited that as the reason of his absence. 

People believe that the nuts are just an excuse to hide the real factor that made Paul missed most of the 4th quarter of the game. 

According to Suns writer Gerard Bourguet, the player seems to be hiding that his shoulder is messing with him, but he won't publicly admit it. 

One former Lakers trainer recently claimed that the veteran point guard will have issues with his shoulders in the next days or weeks, which isn't promising for him or his team. 

Game 4 of this series will be played this Sunday. So we'll see what Paul's actual status is in the next few days.