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David West Explains Why LeBron James Is The GOAT Over Michael Jordan: "He Has Been Too Dominant For Too Long In The Best Era...”

NBA Trainer Believes LeBron James Is The GOAT: "Probably The Greatest Player In My Opinion"

When it comes to the GOAT conversation, it's really only a two-horse race between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

With 6 championships, 14 All-Star appearances, and 5 MVPs, Jordan's career in the NBA is truly unmatched. As a master of all, MJ dominated the game in multiple different ways and retired in 2003 having accomplished almost everything there was to do in the NBA.

For most, Jordan is the undisputed GOAT simply because of his game and the great success he enjoyed in the postseason. But for former league big man David West, LeBron James is actually the GOAT, and here's why:

"I would say LeBron," said West when asked to pick the GOAT. "LeBron James is the GOAT. He has been too dominant for too long in the best era. He's so physical. We've never seen a guy who is so physically imposing that's not a big man. He's too big, strong, and fast for any era..."

LeBron James' career may not be as 'perfect' as MJ's, but what he has been able to do during his career has undoubtedly put him in the GOAT conversation right there with him. As an 18x All-Star, 4x MVP, and 4x champion, James really has nothing left to prove at his point.

“I’m not disrespecting Mike,” West said in a 2019 interview (h/t Lakers Daily). “He’s different than everybody. When you’re talking about moments, LeBron hasn’t been like great in those big, big moments. But to a man, basketball wise on the floor, we’ve never seen anybody better. I’m not disrespecting Mike. I’m not disrespecting Mike. Mike is great, was great, but I just think what LeBron has been able to do, the level that he’s able to compete it at. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen.”

West appeared on a recent episode of “Speak For Yourself” to assert that James has done everything necessary to be considered the best NBA player ever.

So, what could James possibly be chasing at this point? What is there even left for him to do? Right now, he's likely eyeing the NBA's All-Time scoring list, which he can lead by the end of the upcoming season.

If he can reach that milestone, and maybe add another championship to his resume, it could be the final piece of the puzzle he needs to finally make a foolproof GOAT case.