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Dennis Rodman Gifted $500 To A Woman With A Disability That She Met Outside A Strip Club

Dennis Rodman Gifted $500 To A Woman With A Disability That She Met Outside A Strip Club

Dennis Rodman was one of the most eccentric NBA stars during his playing days, partying, having a very active nightlife, and becoming a legend for his ability to party hard and play basketball at the same level.

Now that he's retired, Rodman keeps making headlines, showing his wild personality, confirming he's one of the coolest NBA legends out there. After making a show during the NBA 75 ceremony, Dennis went viral for befriending a mom and gifting her a t-shirt. 

It seems like he's not done blessing other people, as the Worm recently met a woman and made his days by giving her $500. According to TMZ Sports, the 5x NBA champion met a woman outside a strip club and decided to make her night by giving out some money. 

NBA legend Dennis Rodman was feeling extra generous outside a strip club in Florida this week ... pulling out a brick of 500 $1 bills and handing it to a woman with a disability -- and TMZ Sports has the touching video.

The 5-time champ was enjoying a night out at Molly Brown's in Daytona Beach, when he started chatting it up and joking with some fans for about 20 minutes out in the street.

But he wasn't just there to talk -- he decided to help out the woman in need by pulling out the cash and handing it over.

We're told the woman was overjoyed with the gesture ... thanking him and shaking his hand.

Dennis didn't stop there -- we're told he gave another $500 to a woman who witnessed the moment unfold.

This was a big gesture from Dennis. It's good to see that he's still having fun, but also taking time to meet fans and even bless them with some money. The Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls legend is still a character, but he's trying to be better. It's not the same as before when he linked up with supermodels and actresses, but Rodman keeps having fun while helping those who need it.