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Dennis Rodman: "In Chicago, Michael Jordan Is A God And Scottie Pippen’s Jesus. I Should’ve Been Moses."

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman always made curious statements, which is a lot to say, knowing all his antics during and after his NBA career. The 5x NBA champion always knew how to get attention from people, going a little too far sometimes. 

Still, fans enjoyed watching and listening to him. As the greatest rebounder of all time, Dennis earned many fans during his career. However, given his behavior when he wasn't playing, Rodman believed that he could compete and even surpass his teammates in terms of popularity. 

Back in 2019, The Worm made a bold claim about his best time in the Chicago Bulls. He had to share touches, and the spotlight, with none other than Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. But, that wasn't an issue for him. He was so big at one point that he didn't hesitate to say he was more popular than Jordan himself. 

Via Complex

“I think that right there is a statement like that where I was saying that, too, like for a minute, I was more famous than Michael Jordan in Chicago. I was different, I was doing all kinds of unique things like going on shows dressed in drag.”

“Wore women’s clothes, I was going out to clubs, I was doing this, I was doing that. I was the opposite of Michael Jordan off the court and people loved seeing me doing these other antics and like, “Wow, I mean this guy’s interesting.”

Dennis earned such a high status that he believed he could've been considered a biblical figure, just like his two star teammates. 

“Because back then in 1996, 7, and 8, I was pretty much like on top of the world. In Chicago, Michael is a God and Scottie Pippen’s Jesus. I should’ve been Moses. Like okay, great and I was Rod-Man.”

“So I think that the fact that people embraced me more because I was so real and so hard working as far as like doing the most. I think they love the fact that my attitude and the way I present myself in the game.”

“I appreciated what I was doing, I think that people really related to that, related to me like that. That’s a cool statement to say, but Michael Jordan’s Michael Jordan.”

This man has always boasted tremendous confidence, and this is probably the most significant proof of that. Dennis always put up a show both on and off the court. He was a key factor in the Chicago Bulls' second three-peat, and it's not crazy to agree with that statement. 

Before, during, and after his time in the Windy City, Rodman was a character, having an incredibly high level of popularity among fans. Imagine how interesting you must be to compete toe-to-toe with the greatest player of all time.