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Dennis Schroder Gets Trolled After Letting Fans Vote On His Jersey Number

Dennis Schroder

27-year-old point guard Dennis Schroder is coming off a pretty rough campaign with the Lakers -- where he not only played below expectations but also turned down a lucrative contract that he was unable to find again in free agency.

After a quiet and disappointing free agency, Schroder eventually signed with the Celtics in August for a fraction of the money he was looking for.

But with the new season approaching, Schroder put all of that behind him to focus on his new assignment in Boston.

His first order of business? Picking a new jersey number, which he is apparently letting the fans chose for him.

Unfortunately, that decision is also coming back to bite Schroder a bit, as the fans have taken the polls as an opportunity to troll him.

Among the most popular votes is no. 96, which is a reference to the Hanover 96 soccer club, the archrival of his hometown team.

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Basketball superstar Dennis Schröder (27/L.A. Lakers) is looking for a new jersey number and has put it to the vote on the Internet. Totally crazy: Hanover fans are voting diligently so that Schröder, who was born in Braunschweig and is a self-confessed Eintracht supporter, gets the "96".

NBA star Schröder trembles in front of 96 fans.

"As you can imagine, 96 as a Brunswick boy is not necessarily my favorite number," Schröder even writes himself on the voting app "DS17 FanToken".

So far, however, "96" is far ahead. Marc (47) from Wendeburg has also taken part, telling BILD with a grin: "I wish the currently best German basketball player a back number with which he can fully identify. Maybe not immediately, but in time."

The voting will apparently continue until November 17th, with the choices including 8, 71, 80, 84, and 96. So, it's far from a long shot that he'll end up wearing 96.

Still, the dude just can't catch a break.

Hopefully, he's able to shut the haters up once and for all with a monster performance this upcoming season.