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Dennis Schroder On His Lakers Teammates: “We’re All Brothers, Family."

(via DraftKings Nation)

(via DraftKings Nation)

The Los Angeles Lakers are having to endure a lot of tough challenges this season. Between COVID-19, an injury-plagued roster, and a brutally deep Western Conference, this isn't exactly the best time for them to let their guard down.

But, fortunately, the Lakers appear to be building chemistry, both on and off the court.

During a huge encounter in yesterday's game against the Raptors, Montrezl Harrell backed up and defended Schroder after he got thrown to the ground, and the point guard made it clear that he would do the same for Trez.

Of course, he applied that same logic to the rest of the team:

“With Trezz, I would do the same thing for everyone in this locker room,” Schroder said. “We’re all brothers, family. After it happened and he got ejected, I went into the locker room during the game and I told him that I appreciate him and I would do the same thing for him. I’m really thankful for that one.”

So, while it sounds like a relatively insignificant moment, it really shows how close the guys on that team have become. And for where their current position is, and the uphill climb they'll have to face, that's exactly where they need to be.