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Devin Booker Had A Furious Response To A Heckling Fan: “Shut Up P*ssy.”

Devin Booker Had A Furious Response To A Heckling Fan: “Shut Up P*ssy.”

Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns continue to be the best team in the NBA, as they had another emphatic win last night. Playing against an in-form Minnesota Timberwolves, the Suns got another big win as they look to secure the first seed in the Western Conference. And during the game, Devin Booker took a quick break from his offensive onslaught to shut down a heckling fan in the crowd.

During the game, Devin Booker was bringing the ball down the court for the Suns. He could hear a fan throwing some insults his way while he walked down the court. In a split second, Booker turned to the fan and told him to shut up, while also using some unsavory language toward him.

"Shut up, p*ssy!"

Even while shutting down the heckler, Booker had a great game. Booker scored 28 points and had 7 assists, and played a big part in the Suns picking up the win. Devin Booker also made history, becoming the 4th youngest NBA player to reach 11,000 points, behind Kevin Durant, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant

Booker and the Suns currently have a 59-14 record for the season and could be looking at a 65-win season by the time the regular season is over. The Suns will not be too worried about who their opponents will be in the playoffs, as their first-round match-up will be against the team that wins the play-in tournament. However, there will be cause for concern if it is a healthy and resurgent Los Angeles Lakers squad.

The Suns will be confident about beating the Lakers, as they defeated them in the first round last season, but that was after Anthony Davis went down with an injury after Game 3. So if the Suns have to be tested by a fully healthy Los Angeles Lakers squad, there could be a chance that they falter. But with the Suns playing the way they have been, they will take their chances with any team in the league.