Devin Booker Responds To Suns Fan From Viral Fight Video: "Legend."

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With the Los Angeles Lakers enjoying an early vacation, the West is wide open for the Phoenix Suns.

With now being their best chance to win a title, the organization and its fans are feeling the pressure, and it's no surprise that emotions are running pretty high right now.

For one Suns fan, he was caught in an altercation during Game 3 of the West Semis that went viral. In the video, he and a Nuggets fan start exchanging blows, which eventually ends with the Suns guy holding up four fingers and letting the crowd know that his team was destined to sweep.

Booker was so enamored with the event that he asked the fans to help him track down the guy involved.

After successfully finding the guy on Instagram, Book made sure to let him know how he was feeling:

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The guy has become an internet celebrity and probably the most famous Suns fan on earth right now.

The fact that it all came about after a first fight in the arena just makes it even more bizarre.

Nonetheless, it's a cool moment that helps show what kind of community Phoenix has going on right now. There is a rally going on in the valley, and it's truly something special to behold.