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Donovan Mitchell Was At Del City High School Yesterday And Interacted With Fans



The Coronavirus outbreak has taken the world for assault and not even NBA players are safe anymore. That's why the league decided to suspend all games until further notice after Rudy Gobert and Emmanuel Mudiay tested positive for the disease.

To make things even worse, Jazz star Donovan Mitchell also tested positive for Coronavirus as Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Rudy Gobert was careless and didn't take preventive measures seriously.

But what concerns everybody the most is the fact that Mitchell had interacted with a lot of fans over the last couple of days and even hosted a private workout on a local high school.

Mitchell was at Del City High School in Oklahoma City just hours before being tested for the Coronavirus and hung out with a lot of kids and young fans who may now also be infected.

Also, Mitchell shook hands with a lot of Jazz fans in the TD Garden when they faced the Boston Celtics last Friday when the Jazz took a narrow win vs. Brad Stevens' team.

The NBA has demanded all teams, players, and personnel to isolate themselves in quarantine as they'll continue to run further tests for this pandemic.

Mitchell and the Jazz were one of the strongest candidates in the Western Conference and some were even wondering if they could take the 2nd or 3rd seed in the playoffs.

Now, the season's up in the air with the NBA and the board of governors trying to decide how to proceed in order to keep everybody safe and prevent the virus from spreading even more.

Whether the season will be canceled or not is yet to be seen, but we can be sure that we won't be seeing any NBA basketball for at least one month.

As for Mitchell, Gobert, Mudiay and all others affected by the Coronavirus, we hope they recover on a timely and healthy matter and this ends up being just an anecdote to tell their grandchildren.