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Draymond Green Calls Out Kenny Smith For Labeling Charles Barkley As A Champion: “Chuck Didn’t Win A Championship And He’s Gotta Hear That.”

Charles Barkley

After having a great career in the NBA, Charles Barkley decided to stay connected with the game of basketball. No, he didn't become a coach, instead, he tried his luck as an NBA analyst.

Well, that decision turned out to be pretty amazing as fans love to see Chuck's bold take on the "Inside The NBA" show. Even more than his takes, fans love the friendly banter that Barkley gets in with his colleagues.

One of the longest-running jokes between them is the fact that despite being an NBA great, Barkley never won an NBA Championship. Time after time, he has been reminded of that.

But recently his co-worker Kenny Smith seems to be trying to be nice by not making that joke. Well, Kenny trying to be a nice guy didn't sit well with Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green.

In recent times Green has been quite active as a part-time analyst when he is sidelined. Green signed a contract with Turner Sports, which allows him to appear on the Inside The NBA show whenever his schedule allows him to. In his most recent appearance, Green gave Kenny Smith an earful for trying to be a nice guy to Charles Barkley.

"I did not appreciate Kenny sitting there talking about like why are you trying all of a sudden be the nice guy, 'Chuck don't call yourself a champion, you are not a champion, you are a champion.' Like miss me with that Kenny. Chuck didn't win a championship and he gotta hear that. Miss me with all that nice guy stuff Kenny."

Green trolled Smith for trying to be the nice guy and at the same time hilariously took a jab at Chuck as well.

Considering Green's hilarious takes and analysis are loved by fans, it would not be a surprise if Green became a full-time analyst after retiring from the league. But for now, Green and the Warriors need to focus on the playoffs.