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Draymond Green Calls Out NBA For Canceling Games: "Is That Not A Competitive Advantage For Other Teams?"

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The most recent game to be canceled in the NBA is the matchup between the Denver Nuggets and the Golden State Warriors. A lot of players are in health and safety protocols and despite an influx of 10-day contracts being signed, there are still some games that are being canceled.

Draymond Green has recently criticized the NBA for canceling games claiming that it is a "competitive advantage for other teams". During this season, some games have been canceled while other teams were forced to play, so Green's frustration does have some basis.

How do you continue to cancel games when you’ve implemented rules to prevent this from happening? Is that not a competitive advantage for other teams? The guys we didn’t have due to the protocol list played no role in Tuesdays loss? Pick a side but don’t straddle the fence.

So when the game is rescheduled(which will probably take a day away from our “break”), we wil play them at full strength… But they got to sneak a win when we weren’t at full strength, only two days ago??? Let’s make it make some sense here.

Not to mention, this will more than likely add a back to back to our schedule, which is also advantage Denver.

Other players have also criticized the league's handling of the health and safety protocols situation. Trae Young has already questioned the league forcing the Hawks to play while postponing the Spurs-Heat game. There is no question that the league's protocols and the way cancellations have been handled have been extremely inconsistent.

We'll see if Adam Silver and the league decide to offer a response to players' concerns about the cancellation of games. One would certainly hope that they are able to address those issues, and hopefully, we see some sort of clarification in the future.