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Draymond Green Claims Kevin Durant Is The Best Trash Talker In The League Aside From Himself

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Trash talk is always going to be a part of sports, especially when one is in a game setting. We have often seen players talk trash on the court to one another, and there are players who are even renowned for their ability to talk trash.

Draymond Green is definitely known by fans for being an expressive player, and on his podcast, he stated that he is the "best trash talker" in the league, but added that Kevin Durant "is one of the biggest trash talkers" in the NBA.

I think you start to realize it now with the more he talks on Twitter or the more he's caught saying stuff to fans in the stands, KD. I've always told people, KD's one of the biggest trash talkers to me since I came into the league. And it would be some disrespectful stuff like "Ay who is this?", KD would turn the dude around like trying to look at the back of his jersey, like to see his name on the back.

Like K would say stuff to people and you're like "Yo you Kevin Durant, there's not really much I can say back." And KD got these one-liners like "Oh he drunk at the bar". K will hit somebody with a cross and "Ay he drunk at the bar". If I'm not going with myself I will have to say KD for sure.

Kevin Durant is definitely known for not holding back on his thoughts, and he often expresses that on social media and otherwise. He's not afraid to trash talk anyone. Kevin Durant has even stated that interacting with fans on social media "should be encouraged" previously.

As one of the best basketball players in the world that is on one of the best teams in the world, Kevin Durant can back up the trash talk. He is the league leader in PPG this year, and the Brooklyn Nets are the 1st seed in the Eastern Conference. Hopefully, their success continues, and we'll be sure to hear from Kevin Durant if they end up winning it all.