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Draymond Green Responds To JJ Redick Defending Him Against Chris Russo: "Sent The Clown Back To The Circus!"

Draymond Green Sends A Message To The Grizzlies And Takes A Shot At The Timberwolves: “This Ain’t The Minnesota Timberwolves. You’re No Longer Playing That Team; This Is Championship Level Basketball."

Former NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick recently went viral on Twitter for an exchange he had with ESPN analyst and sports radio personality, Chris Russo.

In a debate pertaining to Draymond Green, Redick defended his colleague and called out Russo for his harsh comments.

"I'm not saying it's a race situation, I'm saying that the fans that you're talking about, they talk about athletes that way like you just talk about an athlete. The people on Fox News talk about athletes that way, that's my issue," said Redick. "I don't actually care about the fans that watched Bob Cousy play or watched Bill play, I don't care. I appreciate that they've been NBA fans that long, but I don't appreciate the undertone."

Fans exploded on Twitter, praising Redick for his argument and his bravery to stand up to Mad Dog like that.

Even Draymond Green himself responded to the scene.

This whole thing started during Game 1 on Sunday. Green was ejected from the game after receiving a flagrant 2 foul. He followed it up with a pair of middle fingers to the fans during Game 2, which he was happy to accept a fine for

"I'll take the fine," Green said. "It just felt really good to flip them off. You’re gonna boo someone who got elbowed in the eye and has blood running down your face I could have had a concussion. If they're gonna be nasty, I can be nasty. "

If you're at all familiar with Draymond and his career, you'll know that he has a history of acting out in the playoffs. As the "enforcer" for the Warriors, he often finds himself at the front and center of altercations with opponents.

In this series against the Grizzlies, Draymond has got his hands full. Memphis is young, strong, and more than willing to fight back against anyone.

This is why Draymond's play throughout this matchup, especially, will be key to Golden State advancing in the bracket.