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Draymond Green To Jayson Tatum: "You Should Be The MVP Of The NBA Next Year."

Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum has led the Boston Celtics to an incredible turnaround this season. After a rough start that had many fans abandoning hope, the Cs were somehow able to find their identity and become one of the best teams in the East.

While this season continues to play out in Boston, Draymond Green is already setting some goals for young star Jayson Tatum -- starting with the MVP.

Here's what he said on the Draymond Green Show:

"Your only goal going into next year should be 'I'm 100% gonna be the MVP of the NBA next year.' You should be the MVP of the NBA next year... a lot of people don't realize how young you are. I didn't either until we got to the Olympics and I'm just sitting there and we're all kicking it and some of the questions you were asking I'm like 'man.' You've been doing it at this level since you came into the league. your rookie year, which is now 5 years. And so, people tend to think, like, 'oh no you just one of us' because of the level you been doing it at."

Despite being one of the NBA's most illustrious and successful franchises, Tatum often gets taken for granted, but what he's been doing in Boston deserves some serious recognition.

In over 4 seasons with the Cs, he's averaging 20.9 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 3 assists per game on 45% shooting. This season, those numbers are at 27, 8, and 4.3 respectively.

He clearly has the skill, but he also has the confidence to match

"He [Tatum] works with Drew Hanlen. Joel Embiid also works with Drew Hanlen too, a skills coach," said Chris Mannix, explaining a story of Tatum trash talking the 76ers big man. "He called Drew one day, when Drew was with Embiid, he didn't know it. Before he got off the phone, he made Drew put it on speakerphone and said to Embiid 'You better win MVP this year, because it's mine next year.' His confidence is next level at this point."

At just 24-years-old, Tatum is still just a baby in the NBA world, and he still has a lot to prove.

As the face and future of the Celtics, the burden is on Tatum to live up to expectations and usher in the next era of greatness for Boston basketball. Fortunately, he seems more than up for the task.