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Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski Shares His Thoughts On Kyrie Irving: "He Should Follow His Heart In What He’s Doing And Figure Out How That Impacts The Group..."

Kyrie Irving On How His Long Absence Changed His Game: “It’s Had An Impact Mentally And Physically. I’m Just Battling Through It.”

Kyrie Irving's part-time status continues to be a problem for the Brooklyn Nets. After refusing to take the shot at the start of the season, Kyrie disqualified himself from games and didn't play for months before the Nets decided to allow him a part-time status.

But now, even his limited availability is frustrating the fans and the team faces some serious hurdles in the battles to come in the postseason.

Among a chorus of hate and criticism for Uncle Drew, his former Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski shared an interesting message on the situation, urging Kyrie to "follow his heart" and consider how his decision impacts his teammates.

(via NJ Advance Media)

“I love Kyrie and he should follow his heart in what he’s doing and figure out how that impacts the group that he’s with and then you make decisions on what you feel is right, what you feel the group needs and so I hope that that’s what takes place but I’ll be behind him all the way.”

Coach K has always been great at knowing exactly what to say. His natural communication skills are just one of the things that make him so good at his job.

Hopefully, he can get through to Kyrie because, so far, Irving hasn't really shown any indication of changing his mind, despite acknowledging the impact it's having on his team.

"This hasn’t been easy for anybody," Irving said on his part-time status. "I think the more that you guys keep hammering in on this, and then also in public spaces, I’m noticing that people like to make jokes about what’s going on, in ‘half-game’ or ‘half-man,’ whatever it is. My family has to see some of that stuff; my teammates have to see some of that. And like I said, that outside noise creeps in at times, but it doesn’t impact me because I’m used to this. I don’t play these media games. I don’t do this. This is part of my job, but this is not what I signed up for in order to be going back and forth, answering questions about my personal emotions. All I’m doing is trying to be the best teammate, doing my job at a high level. I wish that circumstances were different. But obviously, it’s impacting a lot of people, and I didn’t want this to happen. But it is the reality."

There is hope that the New York City mandates will change. According to some, Kyrie could be eligible for full-time action before the playoffs begin in April.

But with no promise on when a resolution will be reached, the Nets will have to continue to play on under their current circumstances.

Thankfully, they should be seeing some reinforcements soon.