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Kyrie Irving Responds To Charles Barkley’s Recent Criticism: "It Doesn’t Impact Me Because I’m Used To This."

Kyrie Irving Responds To Charles Barkley’s Recent Criticism: "It Doesn’t Impact Me Because I’m Used To This."

Hardly a day goes by when Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving is not in the headlines for one thing or another. In the 2021-22 season, nothing has changed as Irving has received a lot of criticism for the condition of the Nets this season.

Initially, it was because of his decision not to get vaccinated for personal reasons. But when he returned to the team as a part-time player, he was going back to being liked by the fans.

But after James Harden was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, things have once again changed for the 1x NBA champion. The Nets currently have the worst losing streak of the season with 11 straight losses to their name.

During the run, Kevin Durant has been sidelined due to an injury, so the criticism was previously distributed between Harden and Irving. With Harden now gone, Irving has become the target for most NBA fans and pundits alike.

Former NBA superstar turned analyst Charles Barkley made it quite obvious that he wasn't happy with Kyrie's performances this season. He called him out and joked about it in a recent video. Irving was asked about his thoughts on Barkley's statement, to which he replied:

"This hasn’t been easy for anybody. I think the more that you guys keep hammering in on this, and then also in public spaces, I’m noticing that people like to make jokes about what’s going on, in ‘half-game’ or ‘half-man,’ whatever it is. My family has to see some of that stuff; my teammates have to see some of that. And like I said, that outside noise creeps in at times, but it doesn’t impact me because I’m used to this. I don’t play these media games. I don’t do this. This is part of my job, but this is not what I signed up for in order to be going back and forth, answering questions about my personal emotions. All I’m doing is trying to be the best teammate, doing my job at a high level. I wish that circumstances were different. But obviously, it’s impacting a lot of people, and I didn’t want this to happen. But it is the reality."

Being a professional athlete for a long time, Irving has certainly learned how to handle the criticism thrown at him by the media.

But at the same time, there is a limit to which the fans will wait until Kyrie gets back to his previous form. Also, right now, the Nets need him more than ever due to their poor form.