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Dwight Howard Reveals He Once Had 50 Snakes In His House: "Right Now It's About 13."

howard snakes

Dwight Howard has always been an entertaining and interesting star. The Los Angeles Lakers big man always has something curious to see, and the details about his life are even more peculiar. 

The veteran has been known for being a fan of exotic animals, including snakes. In January 2020, the NBA champion revealed he had 25 snakes at home, but that number increased a lot. Recently, he revealed he had twice that number at some point, but he said goodbye to a big chunk of them. 

Talking with Tyler Tynes of GQ, Howard revealed his love for snakes, even admitting he once had 50 of those specimens in his house. 

Is it true you also have a bunch of snakes at your crib?

I used to have over 50. Right now it’s about 13.

Why would you want to live with over a dozen snakes in your house, man?

[Laughs] People give snakes a bad rap. They’re very docile creatures, very silent and don’t do a lot of moving unless they’re outside their cages. I think they’re amazing. Reptiles can teach you a lot about how to be still. It might sound crazy, but I think snakes are always in a meditative state. They’re so zen and calm. They follow the energy that’s around them. They see heat signatures, which is like energy. You can tell by a person’s body heat what type of person they really are. Snakes can help you [understand] the people around you. Every snake I’ve had, they’ve only really snapped at people that were not good for me...

D-12 even revealed his pets have bitten him in the past, but he didn't make a big deal of that. Instead, he felt bad for 'Minnie' after she bite him. 

Well, logic says that any man who has a snake will have a snake incident.

They’ve bit me before.


It was a new snake and they were kind of nervous about their environment. When Minnie bit me, she kind of knew she was wrong so she balled up like, “man, I shouldn’t have done this.” I wasn’t mad or anything, I wasn't hurt. I just felt bad that she was afraid like that.

Dwight also admitted he owns giraffes, which is every kid's dream. He revealed he wanted to be a zoologist growing up, but life took him on a different route. It's still good to see that he can be near these animals, somehow fulfilling his childhood dream. 

On the court, Howard is trying to help his Los Angeles Lakers. The team that won it all two seasons ago was dismantled, and even after adding a bunch of veterans to the roster this offseason, the purple and gold can't figure things out. 

They've gone through a lot the first month of competition, missing LeBron James and Anthony Davis during several games, as well as other pieces expected to lift the team's level. They came back to winning ways on Wednesday night after beating the Indiana Pacers 124-116 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. 

Life hasn't been easy for them so far, but people still expect the Lakers to become a solid team that can aspire to the 2022 NBA championship.