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Dwight Howard Shows Off LeBron, Westbrook, And Carmelo's Lockers

Credit: Dwight Howard

Credit: Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard has been very active on social media after agreeing to a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. This will be his third tenure with the Californians, and the big man can't be happier. 

D-12 is ready to relive old glories with the team and win a second championship after winning the 2020 title in the infamous Orlando bubble. Besides imitating teammates LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, Howard shows more details of the Lakers ahead of the 2021/22 NBA season. 

The center recently showed Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony's lockers to fans. We found out that Anthony is returning to No. 7 after wearing 00 on the Portland Trail Blazers. 

But, that's not the best part of the video. LeBron's locker is actually two, and according to Dwight, The King will move Kent Bazemore's to get three lockers. Big yikes. 

NBA fans reacted to this, some talking about LeBron having all those lockers, others showing their excitement to have Dwight back, and more. 

Hold on Bron taking up two lockers??? I’m dead yo 😂🤣

I’m surprised lebron does have a room for himself 😂

Lmao Howard came the same night they called him about the trade

Dwight’s a Laker at heart. You can tell he truly loves LA!

Mr why not isn’t here yet 😂, Dwight is always in good spirits

LeBron's locker looks like he's gonna spend the rest of his career in LA and he's absolutely f*****g right

So glad Howard back man I was upset when he left

“He’s about to move Baze out the way. He needs all 3 for his shoes” hahahahahaha

I was surprised Melo got back to number 7. Nice

Lmao they gave Bron 2 lockers💀

LeBron: ayy let me have your locker for my shoes

Bazemore: man wth this ain’t prison you can’t be claiming s**t

I am so glad we got Dwight back. I really wished he and Kobe didn't ever have beef and Shaq didn't play the bitter old man part but the past is the past. Dude helped LA get a ring and never should have been let go. Welcome back Dwight.

Can't believe thinking about it, in his whole career, Dwight Howard joined the Lakers 3 times when coming from a different team. Is this the record or there is/are another player/s with 4 or more instances?

The facial expression he made when he was about to show lebrons locker. It's like he's hoping not to get in trouble the gm

LeBron's locker is Hilarious 😂

The Los Angeles Lakers are ready to make a statement this upcoming season. After a disappointing performance last year, the purple and gold want to demonstrate they are far from done now. 

Even though they added a lot of veterans, that doesn't mean anything to them. They're probably the most talented team in the league right now, and the rest of the association should be worried about this squad