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Dwyane Wade Says Isiah Thomas Is The Greatest Player From Chicago

(via SI Vault - Sports Illustrated)

(via SI Vault - Sports Illustrated)

Isiah Thomas is one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game of basketball, winning two championships with the Detroit Pistons, even defeating Michael Jordan in the process. 

While Isiah Thomas is generally known for his time playing in Detroit, he is originally from the city of Chicago. He is very well respected and appreciated there. In fact, Dwyane Wade, a Chicago native, has recently claimed that Isiah Thomas is the greatest player from the city of Chicago. (6:39)

“Isiah Thomas is from Chicago. He’s the greatest player in Chicago. Growing up, young, I didn’t grow up watching Isiah. So I didn’t really understand the Chicago connection at the time. I just knew he was on the Pistons and I couldn’t stand him. And I love him now.”

Obviously, one would usually associate Chicago with Michael Jordan, as he built his legacy on the Chicago Bulls. But Michael Jordan isn't originally from Chicago, as he was born in New York City, and later on, went to high school and college in North Carolina. Therefore, Dwyane Wade's assertion that Isiah Thomas is the best player from Chicago makes sense.

Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan had a notable rivalry, and perhaps the Chicago connection was part of it. Isiah Thomas has even recently called LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar GOATs, omitting Michael Jordan in the process

Despite some of his more controversial claims, Isiah Thomas has accomplished a lot in the league, and he's clearly an all-time great. Thomas is the only superstar to beat Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird all in their primes. That is quite an accomplishment, and it is definitely something to be proud of. While a lot of Chicago-based fans will relate more to Michael Jordan, Isiah Thomas is still a legend for the city of Chicago.