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Dwyane Wade Trolled Kevin Hart By Gifting Him A Toddler-Sized Miami Heat Jersey

Dwyane Wade Trolled Kevin Hart By Gifting Him A Toddler-Sized Miami Heat Jersey

Celebrity interactions in the NBA are usually a lot of fun to watch. Fans look back at the 2019 NBA Finals when the Toronto Raptors were playing the Golden State Warriors. 

Drake, one of the biggest musicians in the world, was there sitting courtside, and constantly jaw-jacked with the Warriors’ players. While not everyone loved it, there is no denying that it added an extra level of intrigue to the series.

Many celebrities are big fans of the NBA, as they can be seen sitting courtside at various NBA games across the season. And these players love interacting with these celebrities because they are also big fans and even friends with each other. And this friendship can lead to some hilarious practical jokes between these pairs.

Dwyane Wade may have had the funniest one on a celebrity; Kevin Hart. After a game in Miami, Kevin Hart went to go meet Wade in the arena. Wade presented Kevin Hart with a Miami Heat jersey. But he gave him a toddler-sized jersey, mocking him for his short stature. Hart’s face in his reaction tells the entire story.

Hart, being a comedian, and one of the funniest people on the planet, probably took the joke well. But he himself has ended up making jokes at players’ expense and then paid the price for it. Hart was at a 76ers-Heat game, where he was trash-talking Wade. 

As a result, Wade, who was in the latter stage of his career, put on a throwback performance and destroyed Hart’s hometown 76ers. Wade even thanked Hart for motivating him after the game.

Perhaps Hart’s biggest mistake was trying to roast Michael Jordan too much. Hart, at a charity, even thrown by MJ, roasted Jordan. After the event, MJ shook his hand really tight, and that was the last time Hart ever spoke to, met, or heard from Michael Jordan. But Kevin Hart is still considered one of the biggest celebrity NBA fans today.