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Evan Fournier Takes Funny Shot At Kevin Durant While Searching For A Barber: "He Needs A Barber Too."

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Evan Fournier has recently signed with the New York Knicks, and it seems as though he is already feeling the Knicks culture by trolling one of the superstars on the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant.

Good-looking hair is important for anyone, but perhaps for an NBA player even more so, as they have a lot of media appearances and other business obligations. Evan Fournier took to Twitter to express his need for a barber, claiming that he needs the "best barber in NYC". 

As with other NBA players, there were people ready to troll Fournier on his post. A fan responded by jokingly suggesting Kevin Durant as the barber, saying to Fournier that "He cut ya up in Tokyo". The fan was clearly referring to the loss that Evan Fournier and the French national basketball team have suffered at the hands of Team USA during the Olympics. Durant also notably eliminated Fournier during the Brooklyn Nets' first-round matchup against the Boston Celtics.

Fournier didn't take long to respond and took a jab at Kevin Durant's hair saying: "He needs a barber too". That is certainly not the first time people have taken shots at Kevin Durant's hair. Evan Fournier was clearly joking, and a lot of fans found his response to the roast hilarious.

This moment is something that will certainly be remembered next season when the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks face one another during the regular season, and possibly in the playoffs. The Knicks-Nets rivalry could be back with both teams making the playoffs last season, and Evan Fournier will get to face Kevin Durant as a Knick next season. It will certainly be fun to see the matchup for fans, and we can be sure that the atmosphere will be electric when two city rivals like the Nets and the Knicks play one another.