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Fans Pissed Off After LeBron James Allegedly Commits Dirty Play Against Mikal Bridges

Fans Destroy LeBron James For Allegedly Committing Dirty Play Against Mikal Bridges

NBA preseason can often be a weird time for the basketball community. For players, it's a time for testing out lineups, testing schemes, and warming up for the season to come. For fans, it's the first look at just how good your team may (or may not) be.

Unfortunately for LeBron James, his latest preseason match has become a bit of a scandal after one particular clip of the game went viral on Twitter. Six minutes into the second quarter, James appears to undercut and then push Suns player Mikal Bridges as he was flying to the rim. Bridges was hurting for a while, but he did return to the game.

Obviously, there's no way to know for certain LeBron's intentions at the moment, but fans still came up with their own verdicts.

Some did come to his defense...

The idea that LeBron did this on purpose seems like a stretch, especially considering it's a preseason game. While Bron should definitely have been called for a serious foul there, there's nothing to suggest it should be anything more.

Nevertheless, the narratives are always going to fly, especially when the best basketball player on the planet is involved.