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Fans Roasts Kevin Durant On Twitter After He Follows And Likes All Of His Girlfriend's Pictures



Kevin Durant was seen as a quiet and loveable basketball star before he left to join the Golden State Warriors in 2016. Once he joined the team and became the subject of criticism and ridicule, he let the world see another side of him.

For years now, Durant has made it a habit to argue and fuss with his critics on Twitter. Even now, amid a COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA Orlando restart, and his rehab from an Achilles tear he suffered last summer, he continues to find time to chat with the Twitter-verse.

This time, though, it seems he has taken things to an entirely new level.

Instead of just talking with his critic, he followed his girlfriend and liked a whole bunch of her pictures...

Other fans joined in the whole situation, some calling him weird, others applauding his rather bizarre behavior.

It seems Durant is willing to make things personal in his attempts to humiliate and embarrass his basketball critics. While nobody can make the case that these basketball players aren't allowed to fight back and respond in the face of verbal adversity, there is such a thing as taking things too far.

And if Durant hasn't already crossed the line, he mush be getting pretty darn close.